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Henry Schein Dental and Primus Dental Design and Construction

The dental practice of Dr. John Clay has been operating at its current location since 2003 but all that will change in February with the move to the new location and building at 1905 North 15th Street in Fort Dodge, Iowa. The project is a collaborative partnership with Henry Schein Dental and Primus Dental Design and Construction.

Teaming up with Jason Helkenn, Equipment and Technology Specialist and Brett Drea, Field Sales Consultant with Henry Schein Dental was the first step in putting together the state of the art clinic for Dr. John Clay. As the largest dental supply and dental equipment distributor in the world, working with Henry Schein Dental created the perfect partnership. Taking this vision into the building concept was the work of Primus Dental Design and Construction.

Features of the new clinic include the Solaris Sterilization Center. Sterilization is the largest bottleneck area in a dental office. With the streamline process, in accordance with the FDA and the CDC, the Solaris offers a 4 stage process moving from dirty to clean. This insures work efficiency and better patient management. CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends a streamline sterilization system that does not allow cross contamination. In accordance with this rule, the Solaris has a key feature offering contoured dividers separating each stage of the process from dirty to clean. This significantly reduces the potential for cross-contamination and keeps the user in good standings with the CDC from day one.

The new chairs will be the most exciting news for the patients as the Pelton & Crane 3300 Series Chair builds on a strong foundation to provide patient comfort, doctor longevity and aesthetic appeal. Offering options such as ErgoSoothe makes this chair a luxurious experience for patients. Having the option to receive a subtle massage while visiting your dentist creates an atmosphere of relaxation.

Attention to the ergonomics of the chair is not only important for the patient but just as vital for the clinician. The narrow back of the chair provides correct positions and height which then decreases the risk of musculoskeletal disease (MSD) and protects the long term health of the dental clinicians and staff. With other styles of chairs, it causes the doctor to bend at the lower back and elevate and rotate their shoulders. This repeated improper posture alignment can create long-term or permanent MSDs.

No detail is too small throughout the new clinic. The Renaissance Cabinets feature rounded contours and the curved sink area on the side cabinet create a relaxing environment for the doctor, operatory staff and the patients.

The Spirit 3800 dental delivery unit, with independent doctor’s and assistant’s delivery arms, provides range of motion and positioning capabilities that will allow the doctors and their staff to ergonomically achieve over 23 different procedural positions. Integration options–such as the KaVo COMFORTdrive and TLC electric motors and hand pieces, intraoral camera, scaler and curing light–offer efficient solutions design.

Patient comfort extends to the Helois Light used in each of the operatory rooms. Here the patient never looks directly into the operatory light source as the light is always reflected. These units allow the clinician and staff to focus the light where it is needed and maximize the patient comfort.

“It was a genuine pleasure partnering with Dr. Clay and Primus Dental in building this beautiful dental office. I was impressed by Dr. Clay’s commitment to exceptional care and over-all patient experience. Dr. Clay’s high standards are well reflected in the equipment and design he so thoughtfully chose for his practice. Congratulations Fort Dodge on this state-of-the-art medical facility," states Jason Helkenn, Equipment and Technology Specialist with Henry Schein Dental.

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