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School Tours

Clay & Associates DDS, PLC has a dedicated staff that is not only providing excellent dental care but also offers educational programs for teachers and students.

The new state of the art dental clinic provides a firsthand opportunity to show and tell students all about the equipment, digital imaginary and how to properly care for their teeth. The tour will take about 30 – 45 minutes and are provided at no costs.

Each tour provides information on oral hygiene, proper brushing and flossing, the dental instruments and equipment and healthy diets.

Staff members produce short videos on various dental topics that teachers are able to use in the classroom and are also available online for anyone to view.

A fun activity for the students to do at home with their family members is also part of the tour. Oral-B Dual Detection Disclosing Tablets will help students see old and new plaque on their teeth. This helps to better illustrate proper brushing and how important it is.

“We just moved into our new clinic in February. Much of the dental equipment we now have available is not offered anywhere else in the area,” says Dr. John Clay of Clay & Associates DDS, PLC. “Our staff will spend time not only demonstrating but also answering questions.”

Many schools also like to add a stop at the Community Orchard which is just down the road from Clay & Associates DDS, PLC. There are three different school tours offered and added to the dental tour it makes for an educational field trip day that is also filled with fun for the students as well as teachers.

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