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Dr. John Clay Of Clay & Associates DDS PLC Recently Attended The Advanced Treatment Training Wit

Invisible braces are the clear and simple way to straighten your teeth and an alternative to metal braces. The application requires no wires or brackets. Clear aligners that are removable are used to straighten teeth. The recent training attended by Dr. John Clay in New York provided training in advanced treatment and application of the product.

This new option for straightening teeth is like the metal braces application but utilizes a customized treatment plan of gradual adjustments that take your teeth from where they currently are to where you want them to be with clear aligners. Patients receive a consultation to determine the right treatment to fit their goals and needs,

Advanced Techniques for this procedure were the focus of the training attended by Dr. John Clay. The presenter was Dr. Ken Fischer who has been practicing as an orthodontic specialist in Southern California since 1975. He is a Past-president of the California Association of Orthodontists and currently serves as a council chair for the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).

Dr. John Clay was instructed on when and how to use Auxiliaries for clear aligner treatment and information on treating difficult cases utilizing auxiliary combo treatment. This included case examples for pre-restorative vs. combination cases, difficult to complex cases, and treatment setups for difficult cases.

“As our practice continues to grow, offering additional services such as the Clear Correct clear aligners application for straightening teeth is a perfect complement to our dental clinic,” states Dr. John Clay with Clay & Associates DDS, PLC.

Clay & Associates DDS, PLC is located at 1905 North 15th Street, Fort Dodge, IA with three (3) practicing dentists on staff that include Dr. John Clay, Dr. Nan Bates and Dr. Shaun O’Neill. Everyone is invited to check out the clinic on their website along with requesting additional information at or by calling 515-573-7601. Follow along for updates on services and community involvement with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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