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Clay & Associates DDS, PLC Now Provides Same-Day Dentistry Service For Dental Patients

CEREC Digital Equipment, Software and Milling Instrument

There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend weeks in the process of getting a dental crown. However, thanks to Cerec dentistry, dental patients no longer need to. This advanced computer-aided design and technology and software ensures you can get a dental crown in just one visit at Clay and Associates DDS, PLC.

Here’s how the system works. Cerec combines a camera, computer, and milling instrument into one machine allowing tooth restorations to be created in the dental office, all within a single visit. The patient’s tooth is prepared for restoration. The Cerec software takes a digital photo of the treatment area and the technology converts the image into a 3D virtual model. With input from the dentist, the software creates the final restoration. The milling instrument precisely carves a ceramic block into the exact shape and specifications of the restoration. Once the dentist has ensured the restoration fits properly in the patient’s mouth, the restoration is polished and bonded to the tooth. The entire process takes no longer than 90 minutes.

“We are always implementing new dental procedures and services here at Clay and Associates DDS, PLC,” states Dr. John Clay. “The Cerec system provides convenience and a positive dental health care experience for our patients.”

Clay and Associates DDS, PLC is located at 1905 North 15th Street, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Additional information is available at and by calling 515-573-7601. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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