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Veterans Day 2022

Clay and Associates DDS, PLC and Iowa Dental Associates Dental Team Provided Dental Care Services And Support For Veterans


The dental team's motto is "We Support Our Troops" and it was proudly displayed on all the shirts of the dental team during a recent day dedicated to providing dental care services for 28 veterans.

This is the third year that Clay & Associates DDS, PLC, and Iowa Dental Associates dental team have volunteered their time and services to provide much-needed dental care to veterans. Dental services included x-rays, cleanings, fillings, and extractions. Each patient was also supplied a dental treatment plan if more dental care was needed to submit for aid through the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund.

While the dental team at Clay and Associates, DDS, PLC, and Iowa Dental Associates took care of the veterans, Amber Cooke with Webster County Public Health and I Smile-Silver managed all the details to coordinate the event. Amber collected the names of veterans requesting dental care and all the paperwork that was needed. Beth Albright with Webster County Public Health helped on Saturday assisting with the veterans and answering questions.

The dental team included Nicole Brandel, Alex Rethman, Cheyanne Egeland, Ange Christensen, Stacy Agnitsch, Joslynn Lundy, Stacy Olberding. Back Row, Whitney Fisher, Dr. Tyler Wallingford, Deena Hudson, Melissa Carlson, McKenna Anderson, Mary McKellips, Sandra Rogers, Elizabeth Schroder, Lisa Raner, Dr. John Clay, Carla Berger, and Dr. Shaun O’Neill.

“Most veterans struggle to find dental care. It is very encouraging that Dr. Clay & Associates dedicate a day to providing much-needed oral health services. I have talked to so many veterans that were very appreciative to have a day dedicated to their oral health care,” commented Amber Cooke, Webster County Public Health.

Dr. John Clay expressed appreciation for the veterans and their service to our country. "I just want to say thank you to all the veterans for their service to their country. We are very happy to be able to do this for them today. We are taking care of the veterans that have taken care of us."

Clay and Associates DDS, PLC is accepting new patients at their 1905 North 15th Street, Fort Dodge, IA dental clinic. For more information call 515-573-7601 or visit us at Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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